Shinai DF Woman 39AA

Shinai for Woman - Normal Grip

Appropriate for advanced kendoka.


Available sizes:

39 weight: 470g



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149,00 zł

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Shinai DF Woman 39AA Normal Grip


Mushin Shinai 39AA
 Appropriate for advanced kendoka.
 Handle a larger diameter and weigh almost tsuba facilitate execution of advanced techniques.
 With the proven strength of our recommendation to exercise in god and in tournaments.
 Available sizes:
 39 weight of 530 gr.
 Tsuba and tsuba dome included.Mushin Shinai 39AAShinai Mushin 39AA Normal Grip 


Appropriate for advanced kendokas.

High quality DOBARI type shinai made specialy for women

Because of the proven strength, shinai is recommended to tournament fights and intense exercises.

Due to reduced weight and a proper balance it is also recommended for juniors



 Available sizes:

39 weight: 470 g


 Tsuba and tsuba dome included.